Dimitris Tzetzas

Director - Photographer

USA Representation: Pigeon Roost Collaborative

Photo by Evan Maragkoudakis

Hello, my name is Dimitris Tzetzas and I am a director of films, music videos, commercials and everything else that challenges me to create and discover beauty, magic and truth through the moving image. 

I spend my time between Greece and Los Angeles, mostly shooting black & white film photography, catching up with friends and working on scripts and music videos. For four beautiful years in the early 00s I studied filmmaking and photography in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University, directing many shorts and being introduced to the mysteries of the local experimental scene. Later I moved to Los Angeles where for six years I paid my industry dues as a PA and as an Assistant Editor at Jerry Bruckheimer Films. I was lucky to work and learn under many Academy Award winning and nominated film editors such as Michael Kahn, William Goldenberg, Mark Goldblatt, David Brenner and Bud Smith. 

Since 2011 I have been shooting music videos in Greece and in 2013 I handled 2nd unit directorial duties for my friend and acclaimed filmmaker Richard Bates Jr’s second feature film “Suburban Gothic”. In late 2015 and after three solid years of work, my debut feature film “The Republic” premiered at the Athens International Film Festival before being distributed in cinemas nationwide. An indie graphic novelish revenge flick about a ninja photographer left for dead after a scam of national proportions, the film opened to mixed reviews estranging many with its americanized and asian action influenced depiction of greek reality. However, it gained an underground cult following and impressed many with its rich and stylish imagery, sound design, humor and violence. 

Later I went back to editing, cutting local narrative TV shows. Recently I signed with my peers at the Pigeon Roost Collaborative creative agency and currently I am working on new music videos, commercials, photo shoots and drafting the scripts of my next two feature projects. Also on the works: a long due black & white film photography exhibition called “Silverburst”, a series of photographs about everyday people living caged inside large urban concrete jungles, shot over several years around the United States.