Dimitris Tzetzas

Director - Photographer

USA Representation: Pigeon Roost Collaborative

THE REPUBLIC. Feature. 2016

Achilles is a photographer who works on behalf of a corrupt journalist, gathering data that he uses to blackmail powerful people. When asked to do a job on behalf of a corrupt politician who wants to blackmail a local entrepreneur, one thing is sure: a lot of blood will be spilled. (from www.cinepivates.gr)

PLANET OF ZEUS - "Sworn to Avenge" Official Video - 2015

PLANET OF ZEUS - "Vigilante" Official Video - 2014

PLANET OF ZEUS - "Vanity Suit" Official Video - 2011

PLANET OF ZEUS - "Leftovers" Official Video - 2011

Featuring the short film "The Crossed" - Produced by Ryan Lough - Written and Directed by Joe Gravier & Nicholas Groetch

TANGO WITH LIONS - "A Long Walk" Official Video - 2013

DRIFTER. Short Film. 2007

A man begins to hallucinate about a girl he saw in a trolley as a result of his oppressive every day life.